Meet us!

Woman sitting at table bar. Christmas lights woman bar. Hey there! I'm Jennifer, the owner and creator of Psychedelic Universe. Psychedelic Universe started as a small tie dye shop on Etsy back in 2015. It was simpler times back then, and I learned a lot in the first year and half I were open. Then life happened and I put my shop in "Vacation Mode" for the next two and half years. 
Flash forward to November 2019 - I gave birth to my son, and we decided that I was going to work from home.  At the time, Covid hadn't happened yet(but was about to soon soon) and job options were limited. I got a job working in a call center for a very famous mouse who owns a theme park.
On March 16th, 2020, the day after I come out of training for my job, everything shut down for Covid-19, including the gladdest place on Earth. My job was gone within the first month and half. 
I was scared and started to panic. 
I had an idea - *what if* I reopened the Etsy shop and rebranded into something I was more passionate about.
April 2019 I took my Etsy shop out of "Vacation Mode" and started Psychedelic Universe back up. 
I originally started selling crystals out of my own collection, and over just a few short months my shop began to grow and evolve into something I was more and more passionate about each and everyday.
In November 2019, I launched and premiered our very first intention candle for "Abundance" and "Manifestation".
The candles premiered on my personal facebook page with a very small batch of only 6 candles per intention. The night they premiered it was the night of the full blue moon, and my birthday eve, Halloween 2020.
My first candles sold out pretty quickly and before long I was premiering small batch handcrafted soy candles that corresponded with the moon cycles every single month. One for the new moon energy and one for the full moon energy. 
 All my intention candles are still crafted in small batches and prayed over; but I have moved away from moon cycles and moved into more generalized intentions now; with manifestation being the current best seller. 
After an amazing holiday season in 2020, my big goal was to launch my own website where I could have more freedom for my brand by the end of the year in 2021. 
The website officially went live February 27th, 2021. <3
And now here we are! I am so glad you are here with us, in this corner of the universe. I hope you find peace and acceptance to be your true self here. 
Please pardon our mess as we get things situated over time. If you have any questions or suggestions or inquires about intention candles, including custom orders please reach out to us! 
Thanks for being here and may all your dreams and manifestations come true.🙏