What are auras?

✨ I got asked about auras yesterday; let's talk about that.
✨Everyone has an aura. Your aura is your energetic space that your frequency, or your vibration emits. Your aura would be considered your personal space and your "vibe".
✨ Typically, to the untrained eye we can not usually see auras; however there are exercises and meditations you can do to help strengthen this sight ability. There were even special cameras that came out in the 1980's that works by measuring your natural energetic field, and then it coverts that measurement into color through a basic algorithm. Pretty Cool, huh?
✨ Did you know that you have the power to change your aura? We always hear and talk about ascension, light beings, and good vibes, however this goes beyond that. Sure you can evaluate your vibe, quantum leap, and manifest; but did you know you can HEAL your aura so you can PERMANEATELY maintain that space, because let's be honest - toxic positivity is real, and all emotions are valid, just remember - you can't live there.
✨ Healing your aura can look like a lot of things for you. It could be a lot of inner child healing, or trauma, or even just self introspection. You can heal your aura with simple, self care tasks like breathing exercises, meditation, drinking water, journaling, body movement and so much more. Healing yourself isn't easy and it takes an incredible amount of time, dedication, and self love. You just don't do it once and that's it. It's a dedicated practice to yourself, that you should always give yourself grace on.
🙏 If you had to guess, what color would you say your aura is? Think back, has it changed over time? If so why or why not? Has it changed at a higher frequency or lower frequency, and what can you do to adjust that?

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